Gender analysis and research

We deploy gender analysis methods, partnerships and alliances, knowledge sharing, and adaptive learning to effectively incorporate gender in the research cycle in CRP-FTATA. These approaches will be applied in combination at each phase of the research cycle for highest impact.

Building/strengthening partnerships and alliances, in order to:

  • ensure the adoption of research 
outputs and to improve the likelihood of intended outcomes and impacts; we are accountable for research and co- accountable for outcomes and impacts;
  • raise awareness of gender-related issues
  • mobilise action toward gender inclusion
  • increase the likelihood that problem 
identification and prioritisation are gender-sensitive

Knowledge sharing for gender-responsive policy and practice, in order to:

  • inform policy makers and practitioners of 
the gains of gender equitable policy and practice
  • clarify the value addition of gender-responsive research
  • reinforce attention to gender-responsive 
research and practice

Adaptive learning for gender-responsive research and analysis, in order to:

  • develop and track indicators to capture 
  • evaluate the effectiveness of 
programmes, projects and interventions
  • improve data collection and analysis
  • allow for a critical analysis of activities and 
outputs and the incorporation of new knowledge into existing and anticipated phases of research