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    FTA Science Week

    Rome, Italy

    After three years of research, and supported by a recent external evaluation, the CGIAR Research Program of Forests, Trees and Agroforestry is keen to share progress on emerging topics on the interfaces between current program components, and to build on these in future planning to maximize synergies and joint contributions to Intermediate Development Outcomes. We also take stock of the Sentinel Landscape characterization activities and the opportunities SLs provide for further integrative and co-located research efforts.

    Monday 24 November: Sentinel Landscapes Day 1 - Report back on the achievements made in the sentinel landscape network

    Tuesday 25 November (Plenary): Sentinel Landscapes Day 2 - How can we build on the sentinel landscape network to sharpen the FTA portfolio

    Wednesday 26 November (Plenary): Science sessions - 1) Tenure/Resource rights (coordinated by Esther Mwangi); 2) Food security and nutrition (coordinated by Fergus Sinclair); 3) Social and economic transformations (coordinated by Peter Mingang)

    Thursday 27 November (Plenary): Science sessions - 1) Adaptation/Resilience (coordinated by Sonya Dewi); 2) Certification (coordinated by Pablo Pacheco); 3) General discussion

    Friday 28 November: Follow up discussions, FTA Management Team meeting (Flagship coordinators, Cross-cutting coordinators)

    Science week organizing committee: Laura Snook, Anja Gassner, Pablo Pacheco


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