Monitoring, evaluation, learning and impact assessment (MELIA)

Unilever has recently launched the very first organic margarine under the brand Flora Ekologisk with Allanblackia oil in the Swedish market. This new product launch marks a significant milestone in the Allanblackia (AB) domestication program implemented by the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) under the Allanblackia Partnership. This unique public-private partnership seeks to develop a sustainable AB oil supply chain through domestication, where smallholder African growers are the drivers of the supply chain rather than large plantations. This approach is likely to help restore degraded forest landscapes and safeguard invaluable indigenous genetic resources.

FTA’s participatory domestication approach has ensured that over 500 superior accessions are established in four gene banks; protocols for vegetative propagation have been developed and field tested; 10 large-scale nurseries have been established, and over 100,000 superior trees have been delivered to farmers. Project stakeholders have benefited from specialized training programs on the sustainable use of AB genetic resources, propagation and nursery techniques, seed collection and knowledge on Allanblackia sex ratio determination.

This unique capacity developed for key stakeholders, such as the Tanzania Novel Development Company (NDTL), has led to the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) certifying the AB oil supply chain as meeting its sustainability standard in 2014. NDTL manages the Allanblackia supply chain in Tanzania where at least 5000 seed collectors, 50% of whom are women, are involved in wild collection.

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