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Agriculture, forest and food policiesAgroforestryClimate changeDevelopment issuesEcology and biology including geneticsEconomics (development, environment, etc)Food security and nutritionForestryGovernance and rightsMonitoring and evaluationNatural resources and environment (land, water, biodiversity, etc. )Research and knowledge managementSocial sciences including gender, sociology, anthropology, etcValue chains and food systemsOther
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5. Are you employed by, or a member of the board of, a CGIAR center or FTA strategic partner (i.e. CIRAD, INBAR, Tropenbos International, CATIE)?
6a. Are you personally and directly involved in a project that is linked to FTA currently?
6b. If yes, when is the project closure envisaged?
7. Please describe your vision and perspectives regarding research for development issues in fields related to FTA.
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Civil societyDevelopment agenciesFarmer organizationsInternational agricultural research systemsNational agricultural research systemsPrivate sector
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